How to Buy

How to place an order on 


The order journey on starts as follow:

Visit our website and follow the steps below:

  • Browse/Find the product you are looking for.
  • Add to cart.
  • Review your shopping cart.
  • Checkout and place your order.

    Find your desired products through:

    • Product Catalogue / Browsing

    Our homepage and main menu can be a good starting point to browse through our catalogue.

    • Search Function

    If you have something specific in mind, simply type it in the search bar at the top of any page.




    You may also use our various sorting methods, and the filters to narrow down the results to fit your needs, such as filtering by product features and price.




    Learn about the product, and ADD TO CART

    Click on the desired product to go to the product details page and click "Add to cart".



    Review your shopping cart

    To access your cart, click on the Cart icon at the top corner of the screen.




     Shopping Cart Summary page will open showing all items selected




     While in your cart page you can:

    • Edit quantities.
    • Remove an item from your cart.


    Checkout to submit your order

    You will be asked to either login, if you are already a registered user, or to create an account if you are a new customer.




    After signing in, follow the below steps to place your order:

    • Contact details is correct
    • Shipping address is complete and correct
    • Insert Promo Code in case available
    • Click on Continue to Payment
    • Select the delivery method
    • Click to continue




     You will be prompted to choose from the following options to pay for your orders and click “pay now”:

    • Credit / Debit Cards
    • Cash on Delivery, COD / Pickup only


    Upon completing the payment process you will receive a confirmation email with the full details.




    In the event you face any difficulties, drop us an email on and we will be more that happy to support.


    We wish you a great shopping experience with us.